Joe Lonsdale, American entrepreneur, investor & philanthropist.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been a part of founding more than a dozen mission-driven companies, including Palantir, Addepar, OpenGov, Affinity, Epirus, Resilience Bio, and 8VC.

My passions are repairing broken industries and government, inculcating classical virtues, prioritizing families, and enabling a free and prosperous society where everyone can thrive.


My think tank, the Cicero Institute, is so named because we seek to partner with modern-day Ciceros: courageous policymakers and public-spirited entrepreneurs who oppose special interests and uphold the common good. At the Cicero Institute, we promote policy solutions based on entrepreneurial thinking, not profiteering, and strive to maximize opportunity and possibility for every citizen.


The best way to solve problems, create enduring value, and reinvigorate a society is to empower entrepreneurs: the best and brightest will always be found doing something new. I founded 8VC to apply some of what I learned founding Palantir, Addepar, and Opengov, to broader classes of challenges, and create economic opportunity in the process. These lessons begin with creating cultures that attract top talent and contrarian thinkers, and giving them space to evolve. As an investor, I’m as proud of the many people I’ve hired who have become leaders in their industries as I am of my dozens of successful portfolio companies. On an industry level, I’ve learned to hone in on non-linear problems and embrace the need for true platforms, not just better tools. At 8VC, we’ve been privileged to partner with those rare entrepreneurs who bring visionary leadership to bear in solving problems.


8VC’s motto is “The world is broken. Let’s fix it.” - yet this could just as easily sum up my views on philanthropy. I’ve tended to view giving back through a venture lens, looking for innovative organizations where I can lend early support and knowledge to help them scale up and enlist wider support. I am also proud to support a handful of longer-established organizations that continue to supply fresh thinking and consistent efficacy where they are most needed.

Some of the organizations I've founded